What's New in CleanGenius 4.0 App Store Version?

  • Duplicate Files finder to locate and remove duplicates.
  • Disk Usage helps you to spot large files easily.
  • One click to free memory.
  • Login Item enables you to select the apps to startup during your Mac's login.
  • Brand-new GUI.

Limitations of App Store version:

  • No Uninstall App feature.
  • Some files and applications cannot be removed. (App Store rules won't currently allow for applications that require admin access, therefore, some features are limited.)

What’s the Gift after I Rate CleanGenius?

All the users who have rated CleanGenius in App Store can get a website version with more & powerful features. Besides, they have opportunity to win the Amazon Gift Card we offer below:

  • First Prize - One person: $75 Gift Card
  • Second Prize - Two persons: $50 Gift Card
  • Third Prize - Three persons: $25 Gift Card

Rate CleanGenius Now

If you are interested in this comment contest, now you are having the chance to free get CleanGenius 4.0 on Mac App Store. Only 20 redeem codes are available, please Contact Us now to free get the code.


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How do I get the Gift?

We will choose the winners according to the rating details. The prizes will be listed and the winner will receive a note from us when it is finished. Send my Rating details


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