CleanGenius Free

All-in-one and Free Mac cleaner software

CleanGenius is an all-in-one and free Mac cleaner software combined with Mac cleanup, disk space monitor and disk ejector. It offers an easiest way to keep your Mac clean and healthy.

It scans and clean your Mac for free in seconds. User caches, logs, Trash, Safari Internet Caches and more will be removed, making you regain the valuable disk space & the Mac running smoothly and faster.

Version Comparison

Features CleanGenius Free CleanGenius Website Version
Fast clean* Yes Yes
Uninstall applications - Yes
Duplicates finder In-app Purchase Yes
Disk usage In-app Purchase Yes
Memory freer In-app Purchase Yes
Set login item Yes Yes
Eject mounted drives by a click Yes Yes
Free email support priority Low High
Price Free $29.95
Download on Mac App Store Download 15-Day Free Trial
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* The version in App Store has some limitations because App Store rules won't currently allow for applications that require admin access. Files that require admin privileges can not be cleaned.

In-app Purchase is only available for Mac OS X 10.7 users.

Mac Cleaning Software

CleanGenius Main Features

  • Mac Cleaner - Free

    Free up more disk
    space and keep your Mac healthy.

  • Duplicate Finder

    Search and delete duplicate files.

  • Disk Usage

    Locate large files and display in orders.

  • Free Memory

    Increase Mac's free memory by a click.

  • Disk Ejector

    Eject all the mounted disks by a click.


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